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BHP 002 Ancestral Totem - Demo (09/2022)

BHP 003 Lord Denerion - Invocaciones (06/2022)


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Lord Denerion - Burning Hatred Productions
BHP 003 - LORD DENERION - Invocaciones

Demien, Lord Denerion of Von Leufel, possesses the key to the crypts of Argentina. Recorded in 2000, Invocaciones is haunting, symphonic blackmetal. Remastered in 20222, now released here as a true tribute to those from the Buenos Aries underground.

Five songs, five passages through the chambers of an ancient castle, with Demian playing all instruments. Madness defines the flow of this demo, and the listener will have a triumphant return to Hell.

Limited 25 copies. 7 USD/world

Ancestral Totem - Burning Hatred Productions

BHP 002 - Ancestral Totem - Demo 2014
Ancestral Totem has been hardened by the fires of time. Recorded in the summer of 2014, side A has a live rehearsal recorded with a guest vocalist, where side B has a live recording with the drummer singing.

As with so many musicians, a meeting of minds, a temporary expression of creative integrity caused Ancestral Totem's inception and demise. Nothing fuels the hatred in this music as much as the times that will never happen again. RIP.

Limited 25 copies. 7 USD/world




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